An Adventure in Iceland

Couples who decide to elope are the coolest people. Seriously. When I started shooting elopements I had already been photographing traditional weddings for a decade, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about engaged couples in general. But I noticed almost immediately that there are strong similarities among the ones who choose an adventure elopement.

Before, when I met with couples who were planning a traditional wedding, it was just like meeting... well, anyone for the first time. I had no idea what their values or personalities would be like. But when I meet with eloping couples, it's almost a given that we will be kindred spirits. It just seems that couples who elope share similar values. Here are some examples:

1) Obviously, they all love the outdoors and nature. And since I work mostly in places with moody vibes, couples who contact me usually love the drama of a rocky coastlines and rugged mountains. They can't imagine having to spend their wedding day indoors or at a commercial wedding venue when the planet has so many incredible "natural venues".

2) Eloping couples all seem to value experience and relationships more than possessions. There's definitely a "seize the day" mentality that I completely connect with.

3) They are okay getting dirty! One thing I dont miss from traditional weddings, is the fear of getting the dress dirty. Eloping brides are usually perfectly happy to grab an armful of white dress to forge through that muddy trail, climb up to that vista, or wade through that stream.. because they know it will be worth it - a million times over.

4) Less pretense. Eloping couples are usually okay getting a little vulnerable, and don't mind showing off their genuine, wide-eyed, from-the-belly laughter. There's less small talk, and more meaningful conversation. We almost always end up talking about our families, our paths in life, and our passions. Since I'm not great at "pretending" or being fake, I absolutely love and appreciate this about my couples.

5) They are flexible, and genuinely focused on enjoying every moment off the day, instead of getting lost in the minutia of everything.

So it was with David and Louisa's Iceland engagement session. These two were getting married at home with family, but they had fallen in love on a trip to Iceland and wanted to spend some time revisiting places they claimed as their own.

We met at a bar in Reykjavik for our first in-person introductions. I could tell they were nervous when we started, but by the time we left each other in anticipation of the next day's adventure, it was like meeting with old friends. And just like all of the couples I work with these days, they shared their adventurous spirit, love of nature, and fearless "seize the day" attitude.

The following day was incredible.

We met before sunrise at Reynisfjara. It was dark, painfully cold, and so, so windy. I remember feeling the freezing cold under my two layers of pants and wondering how Louisa was going to hold up in her bare, blush-colored dress.

We wrapped her in a down blanket and walked to the basalt columns to block the wind. When the sun peeked up over the waves, she and David were psyched and ready to go!

We wandered all along some of our favorites places on the southern Icelandic coast that day. The blankets made appearances here and there, and there was a really fun stop for warm drinks, lunch, and lots of laughs. It was a really amazing day just taking our time and making our way through David and Louisa's favorite and memorable spots.

Iceland is one of my favorite places for epic elopements. I've had the honor of working multiple times with Pink Iceland, the absolute best Icelandic elopement planning team, multiple times. Most of the couples I've worked with who elope in Iceland are there for the very first time when they elope. Talk about an adventurous spirit! I love that about all of you adventure seekers. Dont ever stop being so amazing.

On to the good stuff.