"We want our lives to be full of purpose, love, and curiosity."

Chuck and I are probably a little bit like the two of you. We are life partners, travel-enthusiasts and very independently-minded. I've always struggled with doing thing just because I was told to, so I've been pushing past expectations and social norms for as long as I can remember.

When all is said and done, we want our lives to be full of purpose, love, and curiosity. This is why working with eloping couples gives us so much energy and satisfaction! We love developing relationships, and believe wholeheartedly in serving our couples with meaningful art, personal friendship and genuine kindness.  


We are stoked to get to know you.

Here's more about us!

a-frame cabin in the pacific northwest

More about Amy


I AM: a mom of 5, an artist, a musician, a night person

I WANT: to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Oregon to Washington, to renovate a cabin on the Oregon coast

I BELIEVE: love is love, your race matters, your gender identity matters

I LIKE TO READ: books about psychology, historical fiction, autobiographies

I MISS: my Jeep, when my kids were little, my grandmother's garden

I COLLECT: vintage cake stands, LPs, houseplants

I CANNOT: turn away a stray animal, go to bed early, resist a flea market

I DON'T LIKE: temperatures above 80 degrees, Fox news, when my dog digs up my garden

I LOVE: campfires, my guitar, Seattle Kraken hockey, Irish whisky, Joni Mitchell, cloudy days, watercolor paper, chai tea, tragic movies, new paintbrushes, Chuck's laugh, Swiss trains, Doc Martens, the smell of cedar, my sewing machine, tent camping in Oregon, banana slugs

watercolor paintbrushes - oregon elopement photographer
I love Oregon's banana slugs! Elopement Photographer

More about Chuck

I AM: a dad of 2, a music lover,

a mostly-plan eater, an extrovert

I WANT: more stamps on my

passport, an endless supply of hot sauce, to go fishing without having to hurt the fish

I BELIEVE: love is love, your race matters, your gender identity matters

I LIKE TO READ: books about baseball, history books on places we travel

I MISS: the world before cell phones, my dog Izzy

I COLLECT: my kids artwork, baseball cards

I CANNOT: eat anything that isn't spicy AF, say no to live music, dance (sorry Amy)

I DON'T LIKE: the day after Christmas, when the tabasco bottle is empty

I LOVE: my family, the Dallas Stars, record stores, trail running, my whisky neat, sardines on my pizza, being around people, all things baseball, an occasional cigar, history, Ozzie Smith, Bend, road trips, breweries, life with Amy


“Amy is like James Bond with a camera and hiking boots.”

To all of you rad, RAD couples

First - I'm so glad you're as cool as you are. What would the world be without go-against-the-flow types like you? (Robots. It would be full of robots!)

Second - I think you should stop reading this and click here so we can just have this conversation on a zoom call already! But since we're not on the phone yet, I just want to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're considering eloping. That you're doing this for you. Whatever brings you here..

...whether it was a frustrating or really disappointing family situation...

...or maybe a decision NOT spend a gajillion dollars on a party when you could travel and adventure together...

...or maybe you're just a true romantic that wants to exchange vows with Irish castles or black sand beaches in the distance instead of a commercial wedding venue...

Whatever your reasons, I want you to know that I have MAD RESPECT that you know what you want and aren't afraid to go after it. Your love deserves this. You deserve this. And I am so stoked for you!

I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to connect with you.


"Amy felt like an extension of our family."

“Amy felt like an extension of our family. From the first zoom meeting she was so friendly and fun, as well as professional, that my wife and I felt an instant connection with her. Throughout the process she was so helpful, going above and beyond... My wife and I are both normally so awkward, but she made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera and captured the most beautiful and amazing photos! Watching her work, and be inspired, made us both excited and helped us enjoy the process even more. I look through our album almost weekly. The emotions she captured take me right back to our special day. I can't gush about her enough. Love you Amy!"

-BlueSky & Nicole

"She just brings out this joy in people and captures it on camera"

Literally THE BEST!!! Amy completely put me at ease with her down to earth, fun-loving personality. She is one of those that actually loves what she does and cares about her clients. She has a way about her that she just brings out this joy in people and captures it on camera. She goes above and beyond and is quite the seamstress too. If your zipper ever brakes, don’t worry – she’ll be there to save the day. I cannot recommend her enough!

heather + michael

L a n d s c a p e s

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Photograph to Watercolor

Let Amy create a hand-painted watercolor of your favorite elopement day photograph. Coming soon.