So you're ditching the traditional wedding
for a


You're feeling a ton of relief and getting crazy excited about all of the possibilities.


But that's just it, isnt it?

So. Many. Possibilities.

Where on earth do you even start?



You start right here with me!



I'm Amy


yeS. You're gonna

love all of the

I take on your elopement day, but that's just part of what I do! 


I'm also your...

I'm here to offer help and guidance on every aspect of your elopement. So don't worry! i've got you!

"...she saw all of these beautiful parts of our story that we didn't notice before..."

"We thought the best thing about eloping was going to be traveling somewhere really beautiful and having all of these really amazing photos. But after ONE conversation with Amy, we realized it was going to be so much more than that! She helped us plan a whole day that was based around some of our favorite memories from over the years.  It's like she saw all of these beautiful parts of our story that we didn't notice before, and then turned them into a day that really felt like the best possible way to honor our relationship."

-B + H


Best Adventure Yet

why elope with me?

First of all, "this ain't my first rodeo". in fact,

i've been shooting weddings and elopements for 15 years


co-crafting your adventure

One of the first things I'll do is help you plan your perfect elopement day. Most couples start out with an idea of WHERE they want to elope, but the rest can be a little overwhelming. So don't worry! I'm here to inspire you! I'll get to know your personalities, preferences and concerns, and then present a vision I think you'll love.

custom timeline

I will create a custom elopement day timeline that allows you to make the most of your day. I'll include time for the most epic photos, genuine experiences, and real connection.

location scouting

I will visit your locations beforehand, looking for the best views, creative perspectives and unexpected closures or obstacles. I'll even find backup locations so I am ultra-prepared!


officiant services

I'm an ordained officiant and can sign your marriage license in most US states.

my travel fees are included

Whether I meet you by car, plane, or flying unicorn, there are never any extra travel fees. That means even if my costs go up you won’t pay an extra penny for my travel expenses!

24-hour sneak peek

You'll get a preview within 24-48 hours with 20-30 images (yeah.. it's a lot for a preview!). That means you'll be able to send photos to your family and friends before you even get home!

help with permits & logistics

I'll help you with marriage licenses, permits, dog-friendly trails, and things to bring. I also collaborate with an elopement collective all across the country. I get constant updates on weather, trails, cool photo spots, interesting places to stay and anything else that will help us serve you even better.

unlimited communication

I get it. Questions can come up anytime! You'll have access to me throughout the entire process. I am always here for you to email, text or schedule a video call. (And I'll also check in with you regularly to make sure you aren't stressing out about a thing!)

sound too good to be true?

Then you're REALLY gonna like this.

I'm gonna send your sneak peek

In A Custom Mobile App


No scrolling through hundreds of photos on your phone trying to find your elopement images.

You'll be able to see and share your photos by tapping the app on your home screen!

(You can even share the app for others to download it too! Moms looooove this!)

Elopement Packages

(By the way, most couple aren't sure how much coverage they need.
So don't worry if you have no idea which package to choose!)
  • Ridiculously amazing photos
  • Unlimited planning help
  • Custom timeline
  • 24-hour sneak peek
  • Secure online gallery + personal printing rights
  • An 8X8 linen album


full day elopement




This package is perfect for couples that want a day full of adventure and exploration. We love this package for getting both sunrise and sunset photos, or to add starry night-sky photos to a full elopement day! This package can be split into morning and evening with a nice break in between.

We know you're wondering what people do for twelve hours. You’d be surprised how fast time flies when you are exploring the most beautiful parts of the country with the love of your life. This isn't an all-day photo shoot. It's making breakfast together, hiking epic trails, canoeing or paddle-boarding, going up in a hot air balloon, brewery-hopping, getting small matching tattoos, and building a campfire under the stars.



  • everything included in the list above
  • 10 to 12 hours with Amy

half day elopement




*this is what most of my couples book

This package is perfect for the couples that want a relaxing, stress-free day with multiple locations and plenty of time for real moments to happen organically. We’ll have time for getting ready photos, vows, guest photos, multiple locations and activities, a picnic, first dance, sunrise or sunset, et cetera.



  • everything included in the list above
  • up to 8 hours with Amy


mini elopement




*Limited availability based on my travel schedule.

This sweet and simple elopement package is perfect for the couples that want to get straight to the point, with a short adventure and vows along the way.  

  • everything included in the list above
  • up to 4 hours with Amy

Sounds pretty amazing right?

(We thought you might say that)

So what comes next?


Contact Me

Fill out the contact form, and I'll check my calendar to see if I have your date available!  Then I'll send a link where you can schedule our first call! I can't wait to meet you!



We'll meet on zoom (or a phone call if you prefer), and get to know each other! We'll chat, answer your questions, fall in love, ;) and tell you some really great dad jokes. (yesss!) 

Then we'll make it official with your contract and retainer. 


Let's plan this thing!

Now that you're officially booked, the planning can begin!  I'll send you a questionnaire to get started. Then I'll have several zoom calls to help you through the entire process.


Let's get you married!

It will be here before you know it. I will celebrate right beside you - with laughter, some tears, and lots of hugs (if that's okay.)  ;) And when all is said and done, you'll have hundreds of timeless images that will tell your story for generations.

"She can make even the most nervous and self-conscious bride feel at ease"

"I cannot say enough amazing and wonderful things about Amy. She has this amazing ability to find and capture your best self. Not only are her pictures downright stunning... but she can make even the most nervous and self-conscious bride feel at ease.
If you want to actually have fun with your photographer, get pictures you will treasure for a lifetime, and not have to stress about anything, hire Amy." 

-allison + chris

"The moments she captures are real and pure..."

"I spotted Amy's work on a friend’s Instagram and knew immediately that she was the photographer for our micro wedding in Maine. What I love most about Amy’s style is that it’s organic, natural, not overly "bridal" or posed. (yuck!) She finds fun ways to make you and your partner laugh. So the moments she captures are real and pure, and you end up looking way cooler than you really are.. haha!"

-Jess + Adam

"One more thing... we feel pretty awkward in front of a camera. Will you help us?"

Guess what. No matter how uncomfortable you might feel having your picture taken, I'll bet you a bottle of my favorite Oregon wine that I'm even worse than you are! ;) 

"Ok, that's nice, but what does your anxiety have to do with us?"

Weeelllll... it means I get it! I know exactly how nerve-racking it can be, so helping you get comfortable is the first thing I focus on during any session or elopement. It's one of the most important parts of my job to help you have fun, feel comfortable and look amazing in your photos! So trust me, I promise I'll make it fun and easy.

I can't wait to get to know you.

Let's start planning!

Fill out the info below, and I'll respond within 24 hours (but usually faster!)

I reply to every inquiry within 24 hours or less! If you haven’t heard from me, your email might not have gotten through, so please email me directly at info (at)!

Good stuff to know:

Can we invite guests?

Of course! While some couples want the intimacy and privacy of an elopement that is just for them, that's not the case for everyone.
How many guests you bring along does make a difference, however. Here's how:
If you plan to invite more than 4-5 guests, your locations will be more limited. You'll need to choose places that are more easily accessible, have bathrooms, etc.
You'll also need at least 8 hours if you have more than just a few guests. That gives you time to spend a couple of hours with them, and still break away for your wedding adventure.
All in all, we do recommend you include no more than 25-30 guests tops. Any more than that and we suggest considering a venue or booking a multi-day elopement so you can have one day to yourselves, and one day with your guests.

How many hours do we need for our elopement?

Most of our elopements are between 7 and 12 hours. How many hours you need depends on your location(s), how many guests you have, and what things you want to do on your wedding day.
A half day elopement is about 7-8 hours. This works for couples who have 5 guests or fewer, and who's excursions and locations fit easily into this time frame.
Couples who want both sunrise and sunset, more than one major location, or have more than 5 guests usually need a full day (10-12 hours). This allows time to do everything on their list, and time to spend with their guests.
We also offer two-day elopements. These are great for couples who want to have a day together, just the two of them, and then a day where their guests are included.
Click on "pricing" above to see our packages in more detail. We are here to help you work through the packages to see what makes the most sense for you!

What if we arent big hikers?

You dont have to hike a single step if you don't want to. Adventure elopements dont have to include any hiking at all. Here are just a few ideas for other things to do for your adventure elopement: snowshoeing, enjoying the sunset, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, fishing, camping, backpacking, skiing, hot air balloon ride, cliff jumping, helicopter ride, soaking in hot springs, off-roading, biking, road tripping, rock climbing, horseback riding, stargazing, waterfall picnic, make a bonfire, dancing, cooking together, snorkeling, brewery hopping, get tattoos together, or forage for mushrooms. The options are endless!

What happens if we have bad weather?

In most circumstance, we are able embrace all kinds of weather. In fact, some of our favorite shoots have happened during the light rain or on pretty windy days. However, we always keep a close eye on the local forecast and radars, especially if we will be in the mountains where the weather can be unpredictable. We also keep days free around your date so that we have a weather backup if necessary.

What if we have no idea where we want to elope?

We're here to help with that too! We'll ask you some questions to help get the inspiration flowing. Then we'll help you with suggestions on places that align with your imagination!

Do both of you come to every elopement?

Amy shoots every elopement, and Chuck comes along to assist on all of the full day and two day elopements. If you want to work with both of us but are only booking a half day, let us know you want to add a photographer to your package.


Don't worry, this is not a hours-long photo shoot. Here is some insight into how we work during an elopement day
1) Your ceremony and vows:
During this time, you won't be worried about the camera. We'll have a place that's private so you can focus on each other, and we will respect the moment by getting beautiful photos without causing any distractions.
2) The 'pick-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor" photos:
We'll have times set aside create those stunning images that show off the landscape, with you and your partner right in the middle of it all. This is usually the hour or two before sunset, or during the sunrise, or both.
3) The in-between moments:
A lot of our photos come from moments when the couple doesn't feel like they have to be "on". For example, while you are hiking, picnicking, playing on the beach, and doing all the things that we helped you plan for your day together. These will be the photos that will bring back so many emotions year after year.
4) The no-photos moments
We know it is really overwhelming to have cameras around all day. That's why we set aside some time here and there where we will put the cameras away completely and let you take a break. We'll give you time alone, or hang and relax with you, whatever you prefer.
We promise the whole process will be really fun, and when it's done you'll wish we had more time!

"Amy felt like an extension of our family."

“Amy felt like an extension of our family. From the first zoom meeting she was so friendly and fun, as well as professional, that my wife and I felt an instant connection with her. Throughout the process she was so helpful, going above and beyond... My wife and I are both normally so awkward, but she made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera and captured the most beautiful and amazing photos! Watching her work, and be inspired, made us both excited and helped us enjoy the process even more. I look through our album almost weekly. The emotions she captured take me right back to our special day. I can't gush about her enough. Love you Amy!"

-BlueSky & Nicole