Fun & Games and a Cat named Kooper

An engagement session in Dallas, Texas

When I got this email from Leigh last year, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun.

"Henry and I are just a couple of goobers honestly. We think we're the 'funny friends' and are usually just joking around. We actually met through a video game and after meeting up at events multiple times, we ended up trying out long distance! Covid gave him the chance to move from Oakland, CA to Dallas and the rest is history! We've got 3 cats (Kooper, Puff Daddy and Lt. Peach Cobbler) and a 12ft. skeleton in our front yard year round because our garage is too full to take it down and we don't have an HOA :) I draw and do ceramics while Henry plays piano, rock climbs and rides his motorcycle."

Leigh and Henry have an incredibly contagious positive energy that I absolutely love. They wanted a session in the city with macarons, an arcade and some direct flash photography, so I met them (and their cat Kooper) in the Dallas arts district. I've done a lot of sessions and elopements with couple and their dogs, but never a cat! And definitely never a cat with a leash and his own stroller. (Not gonna lie.. I kinda want a cat stroller now!!! Just me???)