with Disabilities or mobility limitations

Eloping with mobility limitations requires a lot of thoughtful planning. How would I know? Well, I have a child with a disability. So I've spent years trying to make sure he gets to enjoy the same experiences as the rest of us. Everything we do with him requires modification, and it has since he was young. Whether it's travel, eating out, shopping, taking photos, you name it.. I have to think about his needs and limitations before we plan anything, so that he'll enjoy the activity as much as anyone else!

The same goes for working with couples who have limitations. I know that a big part of my job is listening, understanding, asking questions, and being creative. Not just in the obvious ways with my photography and editing, but also in the planning and logistics of the day.

Here's how we can work together to plan a seamless and memorable experience that doesn't feel "limited!"

1. Choosing Wedding Attire: Embrace the freedom to wear attire that prioritizes comfort and accessibility. Whether it's accommodating chronic pain or mobility aids, select clothing that make you feel confident and comfortable.

2. Selecting an Accessible AirBnb or Vacation Rental

Finding a really great vacation rental for your base location is a huge help when planning an elopement. It allows us to utilize a location where you can take breaks during the day, but still get those once-in-a-lifetime images that you're dreaming about. For example, let's imagine you've booked a glamping yurt in the Pacific Northwest forest with a stunning view like this one.. or maybe something like this cabin in Alaska that is surrounded by "Views of the Chugach Mountains and forests out every window" and features a ramp to the entrance. These kinds of accommodations gives us the option to meet for beautiful getting ready or breakfast photos, then spend some time getting to and shooting at your first location. Then we're able to drive back and continue our timeline at the cabin where photos will be stunning but you're allowed the chance to rest and recover before the next scenic location that you want to visit. I'm here to help you find lodging that has the accommodations you need!

3, Choosing incredible locations and activities that meet your needs: Communicate with me about your vision, and your specific limitations, so that we can explore creative options that give you breathtaking destinations and easy access! For example, I love Washington and Alaska for certain mobility issues - where couples can access remote locales via ADA accessible helicopter tours, seaplanes or ferries! Alaska in particular is a huge destination for heli elopements. Choosing to partner with an elopement photographer who understand the importance of accessibility is crucial when it comes to planning your elopement adventure!

4. Elopement Timelines: One of the best things about eloping vs a traditional wedding is the flexible timeline. This applies to EVERYone, disabilities or not! I'll help you craft a personalized elopement timeline that lets you embrace the flexibility of a slower pace, allowing for breaks and moments of rest as needed. Whether it's taking breaks during the ceremony or planning low-activity events, prioritize your well-being and enjoyment throughout the day.

Eloping with mobility limitations opens the door to a world of possibilities, where couples can celebrate their love amidst stunning landscapes and meaningful moments. By embracing the freedom that elopements offer, couples can craft a wedding day that reflects their unique journey and aspirations. With careful planning and support from an understanding photographer, every couple can embark on an epic elopement adventure.